Plant-Based KFC Burger Sold Out In First Four Days

Plant-Based KFC Burger Sold Out In First Four Days

Written by Jenny Rose Edwards

This month, chicken fast food chain KFC announced that it would be launching a fully vegan burger. In the very same month, they released said faux ‘chicken’ burger, and sold out within the first four days. Impressive, right?

The company found sales of the burger to be 500% higher than that of a normal burger. It was being trialled in merely one London branch, and supposedly sold roughly one Imposter Burger every minute, before selling out completely.

This is not the first time a mainstream fast food company has released a plant-based option, only for it to sell out a few days after. Beyond Burgers sold out almost immediately once they were put on sale in German Lidl stores. British bakery, Greggs, recently launched a vegan ‘sausage roll’, and they sold hundreds of thousands within the first week. The shop quickly sold out, and due to the success, are planning to roll out more plant-based options in the near future. Dutch vegan brand, Vivera, also sold out almost immediately once they hit UK supermarkets.

Companies, like Impossible Foods, are struggling to meet the ever-growing demand for vegan products. Plant-based meat products are flying off the shelves in supermarkets, and popping up in all our favourite fast-food restaurants. So it’s clear to see that fake meat is here to stay, whether you like it or not!