The Reducetarian Foundation aims to improve human health, protect the environment, and spare farm animals from cruelty by reducing societal consumption of animal products.


We envision a world in which societal consumption of red meat, poultry, seafood, eggs, and dairy is significantly reduced.

Core Values

In a few words: it's not all-or-nothing. We celebrate the small changes in personal and institutional behavior that collectively result in a significant difference in the world.


Our programs


We encourage consumers around the world to cut back on the amount of animal products they consume by implementing paid online advertising campaigns, creating viral worthy videos, disseminating literature, developing college campus clubs, publishing books, and engaging in many other outreach activities.


We actively build relationships with influencers and organizations that share our mission to end factory farming and significantly reduce societal consumption of animal products. Our aim is to break down silos and increase collaboration, growing a somewhat fragmented and niche movement into a cohesive and mainstream one. These efforts culminate in a yearly summit.


To maximize our impact, we conduct empirical research studies in our lab to identify the most effective ways to reduce societal consumption on animal products.

support our work

We are working tirelessly to reduce the amount of animal products that our society consumes. But we need your help to spread our message of compassion. Please support the life-saving work of the Reducetarian Foundation today.