Things You Should Know If You Want To Reduce Your Meat Intake

Things You Should Know If You Want To Reduce Your Meat Intake

Written by Jenny Rose Edwards

Although reducing your meat intake is now easier than it has ever been, it’s best not to dive into it without doing your research.

We have outlined for you a few of the most important things that you should know before you take the step in the right direction, and join the reducetarian lifestyle!

Know Your Vitamins

B12 is found in animal products and fortified foods, such as plant milk and nutritional yeast. It’s known to be a hard vitamin to absorb, and so it’s advisable for everyone to consider supplements, not just those eating less animal products. Iron and Vitamin D are others to consider, too.

Be Prepared When Eating Out

Although you’ll find that vegan and vegetarian options are common additions to restaurant menus, you still might want to check out what’s on offer before you head out. If you have no choice but to eat somewhere that doesn’t serve meat-free options, get creative and try to mix and match side dishes. Also, if you call ahead of time, restaurants will usually accommodate your dietary requirements.

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Check The Labels

Did you know that certain E numbers are derived from animal products? Hidden animal products can be found in lots of ingredient lists, so just be aware. You might be surprised at how many things have animal products in, for example, certain beers, red sweets, and even white sugar.

Snack, Snack, Snack

If you are struggling to get your calorie intake up, add some healthy snacking into your diet. Nuts, energy balls, and dried fruit are all nutritious, simple foods to snack on.

Try Eating At Vegetarian + Vegan Restaurants

Eating at vegan and vegetarian restaurants will prove to you how exciting meat-free meals can truly be. It’s also a way to dine out with peace of mind, as you won’t have to worry about what you can or cannot eat.

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You Might Need Some New Gadgets

Ever heard of a tofu press? What about a spiralizer? They’re both weird and wonderful tools for meat-free cooking, so be sure to check them out. A food processor, blender, and a decent knife set are all things that will massively aid you in preparing, exciting plant-based meals.

Try Everything

There are thousands of species of edible plants, and the possibilities for delicious plant-based meals are legitimately endless. If you are open to trying new foods, then your reducetarian journey will be far easier than you might first think.