UK's Shambala Festival Goes "Veggie"


Written by Danika Lam

Shambala, a fun-filled, four-day extravaganza of performances, workshops, presentations, and more attracts over 15,000 people annually, and this year, its organizers want to use that gathering power for good. The festival "is to become the UK’s first greenfield festival to go meat- and fish-free," in attempt to "spark a debate over what we eat and how it affects the environment." The inspirational team behind the event want to show that each of us really can make a difference by making the simple choice to eat conscientiously.

In place of meat, vendors will offer the likes of:

  • Glamorgan crumbles
  • beetroot bombs
  • mushroom bourguignon pie
  • vegan, sustainable sushi

And if festival-goers are feeling adventurous, they can swing by the insect bar where they can try "the protein of the future!"

Of course, some Shambala regulars are hesitant about the new policy, but most are embracing it with open arms. All it takes is a little open-mindedness, and then we'll have a whole hoard of new reducetarians to join the movement. Then perhaps festivals around the world will be following in Shambala's footsteps.

Learn more about Shambala, taking place August 25-28 at Secret Country Estate in Northamptonshire, and purchase tickets to attend at their website!