Starbucks Adds Almond Milk To Non-Dairy Roster


Written by Dalton Sweet

Milk provides an amazing opportunity for reducetarians. Just like meat, by reducing your consumption of dairy milk, you can better your health, the environment, and animals’ lives. Thankfully, there are a million and one non-dairy milk alternatives. Many grocery stores, including Target or Walmart, now offer soy, almond, coconut, and cashew milk. Also worth a try, but harder to find, are options like hemp, oat, rice, quinoa, and flax milk.

Starbucks has offered soy milk for quite some time, and just added coconut milk just last year. Now, they’re bringing you almond milk! What fueled the change? Public demand! 58% of U.S. adults consume non-dairy milk on a somewhat regular basis. By the end of September, all Starbucks locations will have almond milk. In the meantime, be sure to try your favorite drink with soy or coconut milk.

An important fact to consider is that nearly all non-dairy milk drinkers also drink dairy milk. It’s not all-or-nothing. You don’t have to give up regular milk. Simply take a look at your food choices and see where you can substitute a non-dairy alternative. Start having cereal with soy milk, or coffee with almond milk, and see where these plant-powered milks take you.