Reducetarian Foundation President To Be Featured On The Washington Post

With China recently hopping on the eat-less-meant wagon, America's younger generation turning away from meat, and an increasing population of reducetarians, putting a dent in the world's overall meat consumption is a pretty hot topic right now. Over at The Washington Post, opinion writer Robert Gebelhoff is tackling the big question: "Is reducing meat consumption in the U.S. possible?"

Gebelhoff outlines the issue as a complicated topic, admitting that "most people eat meat in large quantities and find no problem with doing so," despite the fact that "there seems to be a pretty solid consensus: humans would be better off if we ate less meat."

While the future sometimes seems like an uphill battle for reducetarians hoping to spread the word, there are many who believe we have reason for hope, and the Reducetarian Foundation's very own president Brian Kateman is slated to ring in on The Post himself. Stay tuned for word from Kateman in the coming days. You'll get the latest news here first!

Written by Danika Lam