Pret A Manger Goes Veggie

The popular British chain Pret A Manger is about to get a whole lot healthier with their new initiative, a campaign called Not Just for Veggies. This June, a pop-up shop will be opening in central London that will be completely dedicated to meat-free products, including sandwiches, baguettes, salads, wraps and bowls. To shed light on the reasoning behind the new campaign, Chief Executive Clive Schlee explains, “It’s a campaign aiming to highlight that you don’t need to be vegetarian to enjoy eating meat-free foods. The idea behind it is that we should all try to lean towards eating veggie choices more often. Pret’s role is to make that choice easy and delicious.” 

As the reducetarian diet spreads around the world, meatless options have exploded in popularity in recent years. In the UK, sales of their Beetroot, Squash and Feta salad have been flying off the shelves with Pret selling 17,000 units a week, far outselling their chicken and salmon options. Another money-making ingredient has been avocados, with 5 million of them consumed in the UK last year alone. With plant-based dishes serving up such explosive success for chains like Pret, we can look forward to one food establishment after the next deciding to offer more reducetarian-friendly options.

Curious to see their new offerings? Some of the delicious options include: 

  • Acai Breakfast Bowl (vegan)
  • Dairy-Free Bircher (vegan)
  • Chana Chaat Flat Bread (vegan)
  • Mushroom & Avo Sushi Salad (vegan)
  • Red Tapenade & Avo Super Bowl (vegan)
  • Kitchen Garden Salad (veggie)
  • Falafel & Halloumi Hot Wrap (veggie) 
  • Double Chocolate and Orange, Fruit Oats and Spelt, and Cacao Nib & Ginger cookies (veggie)

Keep an eye out, as the new items roll out throughout the summer!

Written by Donna Chen