Veg Effect Calculator Shows How Your Personal Diet Can Have a Global Effect

Food producer MorningStar Farms is already well known throughout the consumer world for providing easily accessible vegetarian options for customers nationwide, but their latest endeavor has truly cemented their position in a meat-less history. The company has recently launched what they call The Veg Effect Calculator, a program that allows individuals to “see the good their veggie meal can create.”

MorningStar Farms collaborated with environmental life cycle assessment consultants Quantis to make this calculator a reality. With this eco-friendly dream team established, they “conduct[ed] a study comparing the environmental impact of veggie meals, meat-containing meals, and some of [their] own products across water use, greenhouse gas emission and land use.”

The resulting product, The Veg Effect Calculator, is astoundingly helpful. It allows users to input key information about their planned reducetarian diets and instantly see the positive environmental effects of such a change. It also offers options to view these effects when the chosen diet is followed by larger groups of people throughout the country. These choices allow users to visualize the impact of their dietary habits on a much larger scale. 

Programs such as these are essential towards helping potential reducetarians finally make the switch. They provide insight into the real world effects of each and every meal in a way that positively reinforces the choice to eat less meat.

Written by Paris Martineau