Newly Released Study Analyzes Perceptions of Plant-Based Diets

Newly Released Study Analyzes Perceptions of Plant-Based Diets

Written by Tyler Puckett

Researchers from the University of Guelph's Department of Population Medicine have recently compiled research and findings about the general attitudes and perceptions towards plant-based lifestyles. In an effort to encourage future health promotion initiatives, the paper defines various terms, analyzes research from outside sources, and reports on common barriers to entry that those seeking a plant-based lifestyle often confront.

In order to present a complete and accurate picture, over 1800 database records were screened while looking for appropriate research. Citations include sources such as The American Dietetic Association, Health Canada, The Heart and Stroke Foundation, and The American Cancer Society.

Findings show that perceptions of plant-based diets are generally favorable, noting that "knowledge, in the form of scientific information and facts, was what drove positive attitudes." The paper also reiterates the health, ethical, well-being, and environmental benefits to pursuing plant-based living.

However, the conclusion remarks that "it would be more beneficial to focus on eliminating or decreasing the barriers" to consuming a plant-based diet, rather than constantly fixating on the potential benefits. Through consistent innovation to knock down these barriers, more individuals are choosing to live healthy, compassionate, and environmentally-friendly lifestyles every day.

Click here to view the paper, hosted through ScienceDirect.