Hungry Planet Unveils Meatless Burger

Hungry Planet Unveils Meatless Burger

Written by Tyler Puckett

We all know that the overconsumption of meat negatively impacts human health, the environment, and animals; but transitioning into a plant-based lifestyle can be difficult for those who are so familiar with meat as an integral part of their diet. Hungry Planet, a Midwest-based food innovation company has “set out on a mission to match familiar, favorite textures and flavors with plant-based ingredients.”

Recently, Hungry Planet announced their “Range-Free Burger” -  a meatless take on the American classic. Developed by world class chefs, the burger is said to maintain the incredible taste, texture, and versatility of meat while maintaining the integrity of a plant-based burger.

In addition to this new product, Hungry Planet continues to spread their values of plant-forward eating by promoting culinary training, environmental awareness, and other education initiatives.

To learn more about the Range-Free Burger, or to nominate a local restaurant to be one of the first to serve their meatless products, visit the Hungry Planet webpage.