Plant-Based BBQ Joint Opens in Dallas

Plant-Based BBQ Joint Opens in Dallas

Written by Dalton Sweet

A new plant-based BBQ joint named V-Eats has recently opened up in Dallas, Texas. Its arrival a few weeks ago has provided appetizing reducetarian options to a city known for its love of meat.

Although this restaurant offers some lighter options, such as salads and vegetable dishes, they specialize in meatless versions of Texas classics. Chef Troy Gardner brilliantly utilizes nutrient-dense bases like seitan (cooked wheat gluten) and breadfruit (a dense, starchy tropical fruit) to create deliciously unique plant-based meals. Current options include meatless versions of Southwest chili, brisket sliders, Texas Frito pie, and Salisbury steak. In the near future, he hopes to expand by adding brunch items to the menu.

V-Eats proves that there is growing demand for reducetarian options everywhere. The world is recognizing the health, environmental, and animal welfare benefits of reducing consumption of meat.

As Dallas-based reporter Beth Rankin puts it, "Whether you're meat-free or not, V-Eats is a fun, inventive spot to visit — and in a city that loves meat as much as Dallas, sometimes it's nice to walk awake and alert from a plant-based meal."