Victory for Farm Animals in Massachusetts

Victory for Farm Animals in Massachusetts

Written by Dalton Sweet

Animal welfare advocates in Massachusetts scored a huge victory on Election Day. The passing of "Question 3" (a statewide referendum included on the election day ballot) mandates that all pork, veal, and eggs farmed or sold in Massachusetts must come from pigs, calves, and hens given adequate room for living and moving.

Passing with over 77% of voters in favor, the law will ensure that "animals can stand up, turn around, and spread their limbs.” Gone will be the days when individual hens lived their entire lives on the space equivalent of an 8½-by-11 inch piece of paper. The mandate will take effect in 2022, giving producers and sellers of animal products time to adjust to the new requirements.

As farmers shift attention towards animal well-being, consumers are beginning to follow suit. “To have an entire state declare that cruelty to farm animals is a pressing matter really sends a powerful signal,” says Paul Shapiro, Vice President of Policy at the Humane Society of the United States. As animal welfare comes into the spotlight, the concept of reducetarianism naturally continues to resonate with Massachusetts voters and consumers from across the nation.