The "Less" App Helps You Eat Less Meat

The "Less" App Helps You Eat Less Meat

Written by Matthew Lichtash

A reducetarian lifestyle benefits animals, the environment, and individual health. While taking the pledge is a great first step in reducing meat consumption, following through on that commitment is just as important. The "Less" app presents an easy solution: it offers a simple, aesthetically-pleasing interface in which users can log meat consumption from meal-to-meal. Logging what you eat is as easy as could be! At each meal, simply choose the corresponding emoji (🐮 🐷 🐏 🐔 🐠). It’s that easy!

"Less" presents a simple and straightforward way to track whether or not you’ve eaten meat at a given meal. Knowing and analyzing this data can help individuals to spot patterns and to be more aware of how often they consume meat. The app also allows users to set goals for weekly meat consumption limits, with the aim of encouraging gradual reduction.

Check out the above sample of the app’s Dashboard. Users can view progress as either one simple number, a breakout by animal type, or as a line graph. The app aims to make logging meals as quick and effortless as possible, therefore encouraging users to easily log with every meal.

The more people are aware of how often they eat meat, the more they can take action to switch to alternatives. Noticing trends in individual meat consumption is a powerful tool to understanding how an individual can most effectively reduce their meat consumption. Simply put, what gets measured gets managed.

In the future, functionality to share results on social media would take "Less" to the next level - after all, research shows that environmentally friendly actions can be contagious. But for now, "Less" is an effective tool that gives everyone an easy way to maintain a reducetarian diet.

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