Anti-vegan "Extremists" Attack Café Patrons with Meat

In a country that is no stranger to conflict, the Georgian city of Tbilisi recently saw a violent attack against the patrons of a vegan establishment known as Kiwi Café. According to the cafe's Facebook page, visitors within had been peaceably assembled to view a film screening when the aggressors entered and began pelting the patrons with grilled meat, sausages, and fish. The situation escalated and the confrontation became physical as it moved outside and the assailants refused to leave. Thankfully, however, it appears no one was hurt, though the police were unable to make any arrests as the attackers fled the scene before the authorities arrived.

Known as a progressive establishment welcoming vegans as well as the LBTQ community and all others interested in a peaceful environment, it seems that Kiwi Café was targeted for simply extending its hospitality to those who are considered as different. It's highly unfortunate that in this time of growing awareness in regards to the benefits of meatless lifestyles, there are still many people who choose to judge (and act out against) others before fully understanding them. In light of these events, we here at the Reducetarian Foundation urge you not to be discouraged by naysayers that may react belligerently towards your choices, especially when their criticisms are not well founded. It's as important as ever for us to do our best to encourage others to learn more about the pluses of eating less meat and be proud of the moral and informed choices that we make.

Written by Danika Lam