New Burgers Bleed Beet Blood

On May 23rd, in a Whole Foods store in Boulder, Colorado, Beyond Burgers went on sale for the first time. One hour later, they were gone.

The Beyond Burger is no ordinary veggie burger. It is made from pea protein, yeast extract, and coconut oil. It looks just like the ground beef it sits next to in the refrigerated meat aisle. And when you cook it, plant "blood" dyed red with beet juice sizzles on the pan.

Colorado shoppers aren't the only ones excited about the work of Beyond Meat, the plant-based meat substitute start-up that created the Beyond Burger. Bill Gates has invested in the business, as well as the Humane Society. Don Thompson, former McDonald's CEO and veteran burger marketer, sits on the board. 

As for the burger itself, the New York Times suggests it may be the "holy grail" of meat alternatives. Business Insider of India called it "by far the best veggie burger you can buy at the grocery store." As the Beyond Burger expands its reach--Denver and Washington D.C. are next--more and more reducetarians will be able to decide for themselves what they think of this curious creation.

Written by Cameron Meyer Shorb