Automated Meatless Restaurant Opens in DC

Automated Meatless Restaurant Opens in DC

Written by Tyler Puckett

The future of dining has arrived in Downtown Washington DC. A new restaurant, called “Eatsa,” offers a unique and futuristic twist on the classic fast food experience.

Upon entering the restaurant, customers are greeted by a wall of iPad displays, in which they can order customized veggie bowls with fresh ingredients such as roasted beets, apple-cabbage slaw, and toasted quinoa. Side options include housemade hummus and pita chips, berry chia parfaits, and seasonal fresh fruit.

After ordering, food arrives in a brightly lit cubby with the customer’s name flashed up on the display. No employees are even present in the dining room, and the entire processes is streamlined with high tech features such as mobile payments and one touch ordering of favorited meals through the app.

All meals served at Eatsa are completely meatless, and several options are free of dairy, gluten, and other popular allergens. Eatsa strives in innovation by pairing a seamless experience with plant-based choices that bring a whole new meaning to the term “fast food.”