Plant-Based Milk

Plant-Based Milk

Written by Nadine Grinberg

Thanks to growing awareness of dairy milk's environmental and unethical concerns, several accessible dairy alternative products have begun to emerge in the marketplace. There are numerous selections of plant-based milk; but the most popular include soy, almond, coconut, cashew, rice, and hemp. Each offers a slightly different taste, so visit your local grocery store to check out what's available and to find out which you like best.

Recently, the demand for nut-based milk has risen quite significantly, and California is just one of the world's many agricultural hubs that has begun to take notice. Local dairy milk producers are actively adapting to the new trends by investing in almond trees and land, instead of traditional dairy farms. Mainstream companies like Starbucks and Dunkin´ Donuts have also begun to offer plant based milk alternatives, following the ever increasing demand for healthier and more sustainable dietary choices.

If you're eager to try the creamy texture of freshly made almond milk in the morning, making it yourself is actually very easy! It only takes a few minutes to get a healthier, more sustainable alternative to dairy milk. Check out this DIY video by Kitchn's Emma Christensen:

So whether you choose one of the diverse plant-based alternatives from your local grocery store, or take up the challenge to make it yourself - you'll be making a healthy, sustainable, and more compassionate choice by reducing your dairy milk consumption. 

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