#EatWithLove is a global campaign designed to promote more compassionate eating. For those individuals who do not want to be vegan or vegetarian, the campaign encourages them to be reducetarians, individuals who eat less meat with respect to their own diets, sparing farmed animals from cruelty and saving wildlife from extinction. From the intelligence of dolphins to the gentleness of cows, there are thousands of reasons to be kind to all animals and #EatWithLove.

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Because all animals deserve love. Be a @reducetarian and #EatWithLove!

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We are working tirelessly to reduce the amount of meat that our society consumes, thereby saving the lives of wild and farmed animals. But we need your help. Your donation will enable us to deliver high-impact and cost-effective social media and public relations campaigns that reach millions of people each year. Please support the life-saving work of the Reducetarian Foundation today.