Eating Your Vegetables Can Reduce Risk of Alzheimer's

We all know that a healthy diet can lead to vast improvements in our day-to-day health, and ward off chronic illnesses such as heart disease. What about Alzheimer’s, a disease that afflicts 5.1 million Americans?

Research has shown that a plant-based diet has the power to slow the decline of memory loss, thinking, and reasoning abilities. A 2015 Harvard study looked at the fruit and vegetable intake of women in their 70s over a 11 year period to see how this affected their cognitive functioning. Women with the highest consumption of leafy green and cruciferous vegetables performed better than women who ate less of these vegetables. On the contrary, trans- and saturated fats found in meat not only clog brain arteries, but can also lead to plaque formation, which is a common symptom of Alzheimer’s. Clearly, making the simple choice of vegetables over meat whenever possible can have positive effects on your health. Eating your greens might not be so bad after all.

Written by Donna Chen