Increased Reducetarianism Creates Diversity of Options

Millennials are decisively the most environmentally conscious generation yet, and that conscientious spirit translates directly into their opinions about meat. A recent study shows that one in five 16-to-24 year olds is vegetarian, and nearly half of all young people have increased their awareness of the environmental impacts of eating meat.

This recent surge in reducetarian habits has resulted in a dramatic increase in the availability of animal-free products in both supermarkets and restaurants. The number of chocolate and sugar-based confectionary products available containing little to no animal products has doubled since 2009.

Looking towards the future, things are only getting better from here. It is estimated that the meat-free food market will continue to grow in the coming years as reducetarianism grows in popularity. This increased availability of alternative options will make it easier than ever to adopt reducetarianism, especially for those worried about variety in their diet. We're excited to see how the market adapts to cater to a more environmentally-aware society!

Written by Paris Martineau