Vegetarian Drive-Thu Takes The World by Storm

An alternate choice for reducing meat consumption, Amy’s Drive Thru is the country’s first ever vegetarian drive-thru, located in Rohnert Park in Sonoma County, California. Serving absolutely no meat, the fast food restaurant is doing quite well with business booming.

Operated by Amy's Kitchen, a well-established frozen food supplier, Amy's Drive Thru was born out of a decision to expand their organic and vegetarian-focused ideas to fast food. Customers can choose from a wide variety of meatless options, including Amy’s Special Burger, chili cheese fries, broccoli-cheddar mac and cheese, and even pizza.  

Since Amy's opened its doors in the summer of last year, this fast food joint that "runs on love" has been keeping customers happy and well-fed, offering a different option for those looking to reduce overall consumption of meat.

For more information about Amy's Drive Thru, visit their website here.

Written by Marcos Cervantes