Reduce Your Meat Consumption with N-Print

It is well documented that meat consumption and production have a negative impact on the planet, contributing to greenhouse gas emissions, especially pertaining to nitrogen pollution.

Fortunately, there is hope for actively minimizing one's personal contributions to such pollution on an individual level. An international team of nitrogen scientists recently formed a coalition to investigate the problem and suggest solutions. At N-Print, they created a calculator to help consumers understand their own nitrogen footprint based on a series of responses to questions about their diet and lifestyle. This calculator shows the environmentally detrimental effects of a meat-heavy diet, and gives consumers advice on how to reduce meat intake to a healthy level, all the while still meeting the recommended levels of daily protein through a substitution of other planet-friendly foods. 

Visit their site for yourself here and find out how you can help reduce your ecological footprint by reducing your meat consumption.

Written by Paris Martineau