Amsterdam Music Festival Goes “Veggie”

Last week, the DGTL music festival in Amsterdam announced that it would only offer meat free meals to visitors, artists, and crew. With 40,000 people expected to be in attendance, 14 million liters of water and 53 tons of CO2 emissions will be conserved.  That’s the equivalent of 350 return flights from Amsterdam to Paris alone! In comparison, last year the festival sold 3972 beef burgers, resulting in an astonishing consumption of 6,156,600 liters of water and 6911,28 kilo’s of CO2.

So what vegetarian options is DGTL offering? Here is a sample:

  1. De Vegetarische Slager - the world’s first vegetarian butcher! 
  2. Pomms’s delicious addictive fries. 
  3. Viva Ignacio’s “messy nachos.”
  4. Sugar Daddy’s Poffertjes, a traditional Dutch batter treat. 
  5. BurgerMeester’s veggie burgers.

To learn more about the festival and its veggie offerings, watch this promotional video about the event.

Written by Donna Chen