Britain Embraces the Reducetarian Movement

According to a recent survey, 35% of Brits are eating less meat than they did a year ago. An impressive figure, one third of Great Britain's population is reducetarian. Just like you, Brits are striving to lessen their meat consumption without committing to cutting it out of their diets entirely. Hoping to promote good health, save money, help animals, and look out for the environment, our friends across the pond are now eating more consciously than ever before.

This is exciting news for the reducetarian movement, as more people join the cause, working together towards a better world. There may even be more reducetarians on the way—an additional 9% of Brits stated that they were considering eating less meat. These increasing numbers are reason to celebrate, and we hope that trends here in the United States follow along a similar upward path.

It seems reducetarianism is on the rise, and we welcome all those willing to give it a try!

Written by Cameron Meyer Shorb